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“Mr. Canfora demonstrates utter professionalism of a caliber that makes it rather astonishing to me that he isn’t already a “household” name on the New York Stage, but I fully believe that to be only a matter of time. It is vital writers be trained and readied by people who themselves are in the mix and “talking the talk”, so essential for a comprehension of professional-level skills and goals and how to attain them. Jack Canfora, articulate, charming, balanced, and truly gifted, is of that rank.”

-    Jack O’Brien, ten-time Tony Award-Nominated director, three-time Tony Award-Winning director, five-time Drama Desk Award-Winner

“I've known Jack Canfora for 10 years and in that time, I've had the pleasure of acting in three of his plays.  I'm a huge fan of his writing, and he has become a good friend.  In the last two years I've been involved in creating an online theater company with Jack.  As artistic director he has very successfully mentored some of our young playwrights.  Jack has an impeccable ear for dialogue, a deep understanding of character, and a remarkable ability to tell a story.  And - most importantly - he’s a lot of fun to work with.”

-    Jill Eikenberry, Obie Award and Golden Globe- Winning actress, four-time Golden Globe and five-time Emmy Award-Nominee

“I had a wonderful experience working with Jack Canfora directing one of his plays for his talented group, New Normal Rep. His gift for comedy and storytelling is terrific.”

-    Marsha Mason, four-time Academy Award and three-time Golden Globe-Nominated actress and director

“I met Jack Canfora through my wife, Jill Eikenberry, when she was acting in Jack's wonderful play, Jericho.  As a budding playwright myself, I had to grudgingly admit that I could learn a lot from my conversations with Jack and from reading and watching his work on stage.  And if I can learn from him, anybody can.”

-   Michael Tucker, two-time Golden Globe and three-time Emmy Award-Nominated actor, author, playwright

“Jack has the downright uncanny ability to both meet you where you are and simultaneously challenge you to go where you need to. In addition to his insight of overall script function, he is able to help a writer synthesize small details into fully formed substance, resulting in a script that both retains its voice while also exploring nuance in an objective way. He’s a writer who writes from the character outward, and his guidance has taught me the technique of allowing people to shape their own stories.” 

-    Julia Blauvelt, playwright, client, and MFA in Dramatic Writing, NYU

“I had the pleasure of working with Jack on an extended writing project. He brought a level of artistry to his writing that made it an absolute pleasure to work together. His work was of the highest quality, came on time, and he was able to give critical notes in a kind matter. I would work with Jack again in a heartbeat.”
-    Carolyn Lander, client and author

Alongside his career as a playwright, Jack has been an award-winning professional writer in many other forms for 25 years, writing television, educational articles, prose fiction, and blogs. He has a master’s degree in Creative Writing and for over 20 years has taught countless students at all levels of development how to improve their writing, whether their focus centers on fiction or non-fiction; spanning from essay-writing to screenwriting, playwriting, and prose fiction. 

A common issue for writing students is that teachers often seek to mold their students’ writing to align with their own. Jack’s goal is to help you discover the best way for you to develop as a writer and to tell your stories as you want to tell them. 

In the various genres of creative writing, Jack has a proven track-record of success in helping writers approach dialogue, character development, and narrative structure in ways that best serve the needs of each genre and piece. Jack also offers detailed story and script evaluation services. 

In non-fiction, Jack will help you develop your writing voice into the clearest, leanest, and most persuasive version of itself. Jack's job is to help you find the best methods for your best writing. 

Whether you are looking for that final set of eyes before you send your novel or screenplay out into the world, or if you want some constructive advice and feedback as you start your writing journey, Jack is happy to focus his decades of professional experience on helping you find your best voice. Jack offers copy-editing services as well.

Email him for more details!

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